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Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Paint an Old Rustic Barn in Watercolor Worksheet

How to paint a picture of an old barn.

This printable art lesson and the worksheet below is perfect for the young artist. It will help to give a foundation for basic painting. I designed this as a handout to give my art students so they could take it home and practice painting on their own. This can be used in homeschool, classrooms and at home. This project can be an extra time activity or a stand-alone lesson.

Thes old barns are so full of character and each one tells a story. They are rustic and offer opportunities to paint contrasting textures and colors.

To learn how to paint takes practice and time. Do not give up if your work does not turn out the way you wanted. Frustration is a good sign. It means that you have the gift of art and that you just need to get your skills up to the level of your talent.  If you paint and draw every day soon you will be making beautiful pictures. I have a lot of painting projects and I'm adding more each week so come back and try some more.

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How to Paint a Picture of a Rustic Old Barn By MrAdron

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Start by tracing the little design onto some 140 lb watercolor paper. This is the heavy paper that does not buckle.  If it is hard to trace try holding it against a window with the light coming through.You could scan the design and enlarge it but the watercolor paper is expensive so I suggest you may want to do the project in its original small size.

You may notice that the picture is loosely drawn without a lot of detail. Do not try to add detail at this stage, it is a painting you will add detail at the end.

Do the lighter pale colors first.
Work from the background toward the foreground.
Work in alternating sections so one section dries while you are working on another.

With a large brush use light and dark watery blues for the sky, leave some areas white for the clouds.
While the sky is drying use a small brush and wash watery yellow for the foreground then not so watery orange and greens.

While the ground is drying us light brown and dark brown for the distant mountains, put a little blue into the dark brown while it is still wet.
Use watery green for the trees, and drop a little brown, and violet into the green for shadows. Remember some green is showing through the missing boards on the barn.

With a small brush put in blue-grey streaks for the sides of the barn and fence.
Lay a wash of brown for the rusty parts of the roof and blue for the metal roof.
Use purple-black for the shadows inside.

With a small brush mix red-brown and draw streaks of brown down the sides of the barn.
Use the tip of the brush to "draw" in the details.
Mix a little darker red-brown and draw the rust streaks in the roof.
Mix a little darker green and give the trees and bushes details with small taps of the brush

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope this project is fun and helpful for you. 

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