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How To Paint a Picture of Fuchsia Flowers Worksheet

This printable art lesson and the worksheet below is perfect for the young artist. It will help to give a foundation for basic painting.

In this lesson, the background is muddy to give contrast to the brilliant green and red of the flower. I must admit that I think I might have made a mistake in choosing a dark background. I might try this again with just a light blue background, it would look pretty.

I made this worksheet as a handout to give my art students so they could take it home and practice painting on their own. This can be used in homeschool, classrooms and at home. This worksheet can be an extra time activity or a stand-alone lesson.   I have a companion lesson on how to draw the fuchsia flower at my how to draw blog.

Learning to paint takes time and some practice. Do not give up if your work does not turn out the way you want it to look. Frustration is a good sign. It shows that someone has the gift of art and that you have to get your skills up to the level of your talent, so paint and draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. I have a lot of painting projects and am adding more each week so come back and try some more.

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How To Paint a Picture of Fuchsia Flowers Worksheet

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Trace the design onto 140-pound watercolor paper, this is the heavy paper that will not buckle. If it is too thick to trace through place it against a window with the light shining through and then you should be able to trace it easily.

The first layer of color should be watery. Mix a little yellow and green together and wash all the green areas including the background, We will build up darker layers on top of the light ones.

Be very careful not to get any color into the red and white flower.


For the darker greens in the leaves mix a tiny dot of blue with the green.
For the dark background mix blue, green, and red. In some places have more blue-green and in others have more red-green. Play around with it and use a lot of water to the colors blend so it looks like there is something in the dark background.


Use a little light blue just for the shadows in the white part of the flower.

Use a small brush and take your time with the red paint. After you put down the red go back and use the very tip of your brush to draw the detail in the red. Use just a tiny touch of violet mixed with the red to give the shadows.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope this project is fun and helpful for you. 

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