Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home School Art Drawing the Human Figure.

Spectrum Home School lesson for May 2
Art 2

We will warm up with a sketch of Woody our wooden model. It will be posed in a common pose and students will be given a six minutes to draw it. (See the finished example of this at the link to my other blog: This will help free up the young artist and teach them editing and decision making in drawing.

Our main project are inspired by pictures cut out from the local sports section of the newspaper. These often have dramatic postures and actions. The class will begin with a light pencil rendering and go over it in pen.

Below is an illustration of a sketch in marker of an athlete clipped from a paper. It was done during class as an example showing the process of the drawing.

Starting with pencil I drew an articulated stick figure for the frame and then adding the thickness of the figure. This part of the drawing took less than three minutes. Switching to pen and ink I rendered the figure sometimes tracing the pencil lines, and sometimes only using them as a reference. A dark area was in the photo so it was included in the picture to give reference and to help move the runner forward.

Sketch in marker of an athlete running.

The project was challenging to some. Since the photos were from the newspaper they were given to the students who wanted to finish the project during the week at home.

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