Thursday, February 9, 2012

Art 1 Feb 9, 2012

JANUARY Feb 9 2011

PRE CLASS: Students present any work done during last week for review.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION:  Demonstrating the "Grouped Mass Composition” where several masse of varying form values and color grouped together in one pleasing design.

WARM UPS:   cylinders with shadingS shaped lines, triangles cross intersecting and shaded in different values. Using only circles draw an animal.

QUICK SKETCH CHALLENGE: We will draw an item in 5 minutes

CLASS PROJECTS:  Drawing for self-discovery. Using magazine pictures to compose a picture using the “Grouped Mass Composition” 

LONG TERM PROJECT: on this page write “The guards tried to block me but I knocked them over and ran in to the temple.” Draw a picture of your avatar knocking down guards with weapons.

Next page write. “I saw my enemy standing in front of a statue of a king. He had my heirloom in his hand.”  Draw a picture of your enemy standing in front of a statue of a king holding the heirloom.

Next page write. “A bowl of fire came out of the floor and a voice said ‘make a gift to the king and become the next king.’ I knew he was going to throw my (name your heirloom) in the fire.” Draw a picture of your enemy holding the heirloom over or above in the bowl of fire.

We are almost finished.  

(c)Adron Dozat

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