Thursday, January 5, 2012

ART I January 5th

JANUARY 5 2011

PRE CLASS: Students present any work done during Christmas break for review.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION:  Demonstrating the “Golden Mean” in composition where the point of interest has the best effect in a landscape.

WARM UPS: Cylinders with shading, hash marks, bubbles. Observation worksheet.

QUICK SKETCH CHALLENGE: We will draw an item in 5 minutes

CLASS PROJECTS: Landscape using the point of interest /golden mean concept demonstrated. Portrait, drawing still life subjects from items in projects bag.  

LONG TERM PROJECT: Draw a monster, On this page write “________ (name of your villain) was going to be fed to their God a ____________,” (come up with your own name for the monster. 

Next page write “I had to save my enemy to get my _______”, (name of the heirloom) back. Draw a picture of your enemy in a cage with your avatar helping him escape. But the monster is watching

Next page write “We both had to fight the ___________.” (name of the monster).  Draw your avatar and your enemy fighting side by side against the monster. 

(c)Adron Dozat

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