Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art II Oct 27


Art II Lesson Plans October 27, 2011

PRE CLASS: students present work done over the week for instructor’s critique. Review of last week’s technique. Only positive comments are allowed.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: "Come and listen, all you who fear God; Let me tell you what he has done for me." Psalm 66:16, NIV. We have a message and we should be active in letting others know what God has done in our lives. He has given all of us blessings and whatever we do in art or work or home should be a way of expressing thankfulness and telling others we have a loving father who blesses his children. Do not use your gifts of art or any other gift selfishly but we should use our gifts to serve others and glorify God.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION ON TECHNIQUE:  I am not into abstract but what art class is complete without some discussion and experience in abstract so today we will design and execute an abstract painting.

CLASS PROJECTS: Use all the techniques discussed in previous weeks. Electives include

1.      Students may finish the cottage begun last week,

2.      Or paint a still life of coffee cups Preferably in abstract.

3.      Or a face in abstract.

4.      Or a bay scene with a boat and fishing shack.

AT HOME THIS WEEK: Draw two and paint two pictures of the students choosing.

OPTIONAL DRAWING LONG TERM PROJECT: This week do pages 19-20 & 21.

Page 19, Write “They were going to capture me and make me their slave unless I beat their champion.”  Draw a picture of their champion next to your avatar. He is much bigger than your avatar.

Page 21 “”I had to beat him in a contest of ___________ (you decide on a game of skill) draw that game for example if it is a game of uno cards draw the uno cards or if it is basket ball draw the court and hoop.

Page 22.  “But I played this game before when I was a little ______. Draw your avatar as a child playing the game.  

WARNING: You are up to 21 pages. Do not get behind on this- those who do never catch up!

(c)Adron Dozat

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