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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Draw Flowers in a Water Pail a Skillbuilder for The Young Artist

This is an easy sketch to do. The watering pail uses very basic shapes and flowers are very easy to dray after you have done a few.

How to draw Flowers in a pail Worksheet

Start by lightly drawing the basic shape of the pail as a half cone then add the circle for the handle.keep it light since your flowers will cover parts of both. The spout is the hardest. Draw it lightly and go over it in a darker pencil when you have it right. There are more than one way to draw flowers I have put a few examples in the diagram, use whatever works for you. Add variety.  Put the darkest shadows around the flowers especially if you are going to use color, then they will be brighter. Put some flowers behind others to make it interesting. Fill in any spare spaces between the flowers with leaves and shadow. Be sure to shadow around the pail so it looks three dimensional . keep the wood table light and just use a few flowing lines and squiggles to give the look of  wood planks. Don't rush through and take your time and you will have a great picture.

(c)Adron Dozat