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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Draw A Fence In A Rural Scene

This printable drawing worksheet is for a rural landscape with a fence. A fence is one of my favorite things to add when drawing a countryside scene. Adding a fence in a rural scene is easy for an artist to do and adds interest as well as direction to a sketch.

Free How To Draw A Fence In A Rural Scene

The key is perspective.  You must remember that the top and bottom of the fence will come together at the vanishing point at the horizon. In my illustration the vanishing point is the point of interest where there is a break in the trees to allow the road to pass through. You can think of the fence as a very long triangle with vertical fence post dividing it up. The post will get closer to each other farther away, and will have less detail as they get farther away. The posts are drawn as longish cubes, so if you can draw a cube you are well on your way; start with three lines going up and down then connect them at the top with a rectangle slightly bent. Shade one side and you have a post. The rails are three lines between the posts and connected at the inside of the farthest post. The posts are just a few dashes farther away, this gives the impression of distance. At the base of the post put some grass, rocks or flowers.  Don't worry if they are not all straight; in the country things get worn down and fall out of place and you often see post leaning over or rails that are crooked, so work any mistakes into your picture- it may be more interesting for it. Put some shadowing in the post and across the road. I put an oak tree and some distant hills in my picture you might add a barn or water tower in yours.

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