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My Drawing Guidlines

Take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you. Keep your pencils pens bushes clean and organized and put away.

Keep your work area organized. Put the pencils in the same order and neatly arranged so you wont have to stop being creative and have to turn detective to find the red one or the eraser.

Start by drawing lightly with a hard pencil like a 2b. Your lines should be light as if made out of spider thread. This will make it easy to erase and easy to draw over mistakes.

Look for basic shapes and use them to develop an outline.

Draw the outline first.

Sketch your whole picture in 5 minutes then spend the next hour fine tuning it.

Draw the picture as a whole; avoid working one area and not working others.

The most important part is the first 10%. Take a break and stop. Come back and look it all over and check your work it easier to fix problems now than later.

Save the fun stuff for last. Let everything else get done and the favorite part will fit in better.

Don't use the same pencil for the whole drawing, soft pencils are darker and hard pencils are lighter use them all.

No one is you; don’t compare your drawing to the drawing someone else does.

Your drawing doesn’t need to have a perfect start. Don’t get discouraged and it will have a perfect finish.

Look at the thing you are drawing as much as the drawing of the thing.

Change the way you think about the pencil. It is now a tool like a hammer. You hold a hammer one way to pound a nail and a different way to pull a nail. You hold a pencil one way to shade an area and a different way to sketch fine details. Experiment with holding the pencil different ways.

Sketch every day even if it is only for a few minutes. The minutes will add up.

Sketch every kind of thing you see.

Save the erasing for the clean up- don’t even bring it out until you are done.