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About Me

In my earliest years I loved to draw color and paint. Often the only passing grade I received in

elementary school was in art. I felt I had to take art seriously and since then I have been creating art for over forty years. Many of my works have won awards and prizes, but the greatest satisfaction is when I sell a piece or finish a commission.

I feel art has great power to express what words cannot, and therefor art has a great potential to create change in our world.

The Bible teaches that gifts and talents come from God, (Epistle of James 1:7) I want to express my thankfulness to The Lord by using my gifts to be a gift to others.

I have had the privilege of teaching many talented and promising students. I began to make handouts as a take home assignments for my younger students who needed to develop more confidence. They became the foundation of this blog.

On a sunny day you can find me in the fields, farms, and pathways of Howard County MD painting in oil or watercolor.
Me On A Good Day

Giving should be done in secret, and we should let our reward be from God, but these are needy times and we should encourage others to give and set an example of charity. What better way to show love to God than by showing kindness to other people- those whom He loves.

My primary giving is each week through the Southern Baptist Church and thereby their efforts for outreach, relief and community service.

My family sponsors two children through Compassion International.

Our other giving is too numerous to list but include, World Vision, Samaritan's Purse, Mercy ships, Global Outreach, Awana International, The Open Door Mission, and Lifting Up Missions among others.

I am glad to teach others how to draw, and paint. I love to inspire artist young and old.

I give private and group lessons. My pricing starts at $25.00 for an hour lesson for the first student. Group rates very so contact me.

I am available to work with other home school co-operatives in the Baltimore / DC area. Contact me at

These worksheets are free but your gift will help keep it going.